Our Mission is to promote positive values and build spirit, mind and body for children and adults through traditional and sports karate. We teach students punches, kicks, joint locks and takedown techniques for self defense while reinforcing values of respect, confidence and discipline. These are Japanese battlefield techniques and survival strategies that can be used against more attackers or one, no matter what size, ability and age.  We also teach techniques that have led many of our students to become National and World Champions in karate.

The Shotokan karate is  the largest style of karate in the world which is also recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Karate US is a member of USA Karate Federation that is recognized by the US Olympics Committee (www.teamusa.org/USA-Karate) and World Karate Federation (the largest Martial Arts Organization, www.wkf.net)  and  Fudokan World Federation (www.fudokaninfo.com).


Spirit clip art We develop responsibility and respect, which makes each students a better person
Mind clip art We improve concentration, self-confidence and discipline, which improves students working habits and academic success

Body clip art

We increase strength and power which improves students safety and healthy lifestyle






Master Murat Bajrami, 8th DAN Black Belt is a physical education teacher and has spent 40 years of rigorous training and practicing a non-quitting spirit. Master Murat has won European and World competitions and has also earned a MS and BA degree in Management and Sports Science.TOBYCO~1

He began karate training at the age of 10 under the Sensei Isak Latifi in Pristine, Former Yugoslavia, Europe. He participated in European karate seminars and trainings of famous Japanese masters Taiji Kase, Nishiyama, Shirai and Enoeda Sensei. Then due to relocation, Murat practiced karate under the charismatic and famous brothers Sensei Vladimir and Ilija Yorga 10 Dan (ITKF). They became his favourite teachers since then, and he continues to devote his life to searching for martial arts knowledge.

As the war began in Balkans, and due to Murat’s special military assignment he couldn’t practice karate for few years. His work moved him several times, but he was always active and increased his power and strength in very challenging environment and with strenuous trainings. This kind of training helped him to set four times unbreakable record in obstacles in Yugoslav Pentathlon Championship. He also run ultra marathons (50km/30miles), won several times National Orienteering Championship and cross country run 3000-5000m.

Murat did try to maintain some standards, particularly in kata, training on his own when he could. He even taught karate for few years in one of the best clubs in Region – Karate Club Timok, Yugoslavia and produced European and World Champions. Then his knee injury and 3 meniscus and cartilage surgeries took him out of training for years. Murat moved to US with family and continues to teach his daughter and other kids in afterschool program karate. He opened his club in San Francisco in 2011 and for short time his students won local, regional and National/International tournaments. His goal is to produce Champions that can represent San Francisco and USA in local and World Competitions and to teach students a practical karate so they can defend them selves and grow in spirit, mind and body.



Why Karate

Statistics show American children and teens are facing serious health issues from the lack of exercise and unhealthy diets. Children are now displaying illnesses previously seen in adults such as diabetes, asthma, cancer and heart disease. America is number one on the list of the most obese nations. One survey predicted that today’s children may be the first generation in history whose life expectancy is projected to be less than that of their parents.

Our Government recommends that healthy diet and physical activity every day will assist our children to live longer, healthier, and more productive lives. To address these issues, we have created  Karate with the mission to encourage the children and adults to lead healthy lives and improve their overall fitness and confidence – to be the best they can be through karate and sport.

Also, the violence is a serious public health problem in the United States. From infants to the elderly, it affects people in all stages of life. In 2010, over 16,250 people were victims of homicide and over 38,360 took their own life.The number of violent deaths tells only part of the story. Many more survive violence and are left with permanent physical and emotional scars. Violence also erodes communities by reducing productivity and disrupting social services. In Addition, youth violence is increased and a serious issue in community. One incident of bullying every seven minutes.  Adult intervention in 4% of incidents. Peer intervention in 11% of incidents. Its imperative to address this health and social issues before is too late.

At Karate US, we are teaching principles of violence prevention – showing respect, having discipline, and feeling comfortable walking away from a fight. Also, we teach students how to defend themselves from attackers.


How We Achieve Our Goals

1. Our Phylosophy: Our philosophy is based on Yin Yang – two primal opposing but complementary forces found in all things in the universe. Neither of which can exist without the other. Each can transform into the other, and contains a seed of the other within it. Yin and yang consume and support each other.

Our Karate has a unique and dynamic program that focus on hard and soft style that includes traditional karate, judo, aikido. They are equally balanced and symbolizes unity, strength, and perfection. We rely on circular motions and redirection of energy to use as a counterattack. And we rely on linear motions and the direct opposition of force with your own force.

2. Our Principles: Our principle is based on our mission to promote people’s health – spiritually, mentally and physically.  Our Karate programs are rooted in the three persistent and important principles that are incorporated in every our activity: variation, control and balance. Variation use different activities to ensure that you are always spiritually, mentally and physically challenged in life. Control provides the amount of energy you need in certain time to maintain your spirit, mind and body in awareness and safe. Balance is a harmonious arrangement of used activities and amount of energy to satisfy student’ s personal and professional need.

3. Best Practice.  Karate US has strategies and approaches which have been shown through research, evaluation and experience to be effective in developing positive values of character, respect, faithfulness and responsibility. We use sports testing as part of the ongoing process of helping young people understand, enjoy, improve and/or maintain their physical fitness, to identify sports talents and help them to achieve their potential. Also program assessment is used to evaluate the program’s effectiveness and make improvements.

4. Sport for All.  Karate US is an inclusive sport program in safe environment and with friends who care. We offer programs to all young people regardless of their race, gender, religious creek, or ability. It is designed for every one—from the gifted to the physically challenged. The intent is to provide children of all abilities and interests with a foundation of movement experiences and understanding that will lead to lifelong active and healthy lifestyles.

5. Highly capable instructors.  Karate US are developed and managed by professional staff who meet all academic, experiential and certification qualifications. Our instructors are the key to making sports safe, fun, and productive for all athletes. Instructors should be able to: Structure activities so that no one gets hurt; keep activities fast-paced; make sure activities are age-appropriate; identify and respond to athletes’ individual needs; motivate some athletes to push harder while recognizing when others are in danger of pushing beyond their physical limits; help athletes recognize the learning skills embedded in sports and think of ways to apply them to school and life;

6. Creating opportunities for young leaders and volunteers. Karate US gives youth opportunities to develop leadership and decision-making skills. We provide youth 14 to 25 years old a leadership training and volunteer jobs as sport leaders, coaches and supervisors. This helps young students to develop their confidence, self-esteem, communication skills and earn required community services hours to graduate. In addition, the program provides young people with opportunities to prevent youth violence and create community change. Previous research showed that young people involved in quality afterschool program are less likely to get involved in crime, abuse drugs or become teen parents.

7. Improving academic performance and life lessons through sport.  Karate US always look at new and exciting ways to use sport to raise achievement in the core subjects of English, Maths and Science and also are working to improve the healthy lifestyle. Our experienced staff helps all children learn personal and social skills that help them in school and life, including the ability to focus, teamwork, leadership, self-discipline, and sportsmanship.

8. Identify sports talents. It is important for schools to identify gifted and talented students in sport at a young age so that they can help nurture and develop their strengths.  Karate US collaborates with a range of national governing bodies of sport, corporate partners, and sports clubs to create opportunity for talented young people to succeed in sports. For those young people who show real sporting promise, we help them to achieve their potential. We create opportunities for gifted and talented young athletes to develop their skills and help to support their relationships with school, family and coaches from the national governing bodies of sport.

9. Supporting Cultural Diversity. Karate US seeks to collaborate on program delivery with many local and international partners. We contribute to building a peaceful and better world by interacting with youth from different countries through organized sports that foster mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play. We celebrate diversity within our schools, the community, and the world at large. Differences are acknowledged, appreciated, and respected.

10. Provide all of these opportunities over the long term.