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Every young person should participate in health and sports programs in addition to their academic curriculum.

Parents and school administrators, would you like to improve afterschool and before school program quality?

We offer a safe karate and other sports right at your school.

We deliver safety, care and results while parents work.

Our karate program can be customized for your school’s needs

Karate is an excellent exercise that keeps the spirit, mind and body healthy. In addition to benefits that you get, you also learn self defense which may be useful in certain situation. Trainings also prepare athletes in excellence of technique performance for non-competitive games and World Championships. Please accept this opportunity to develop disciplined and confident students which, in turn, will improve their academic success.ST Brigid 2013 (14)

What sports best fit for your child?

How can a parent pick a sport that will best serve the child’s needs and interests? Parents doesn’t have time to explore all sports, and probably will not like a child to end up with overly competitive activities, or constantly being compared to other athletes.

So, why Our karate is the best for your child?

  1. Your child’s needs and interests? We understand your child’s needs and we accordingly design a challenging program that leads to an enjoyable and healthy lifestyle. We teach respect, discipline, confidence, self defense and how to handle different aspects of bullying. Our karate exercises are designed to increase agility, core and power, which will improve your child’s performance in every other sports such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis….
  2. Individual or a team sport? Our children practice and compete as individuals and where they play role or use their skills on a team. We give children individual attention on training and they learn to work with other kids together, but they are not compared to others. They are tested for their level of skills.
  3. Matching the sport to your child’s body type? Many sports required certain body type to be successful. But not karate. Tall, short, overweight, skinny and other body types are well suited to karate. Variety of our activities and techniques are designed for all types and give them personal and team results.
  4. Instructor/Coach Quality? What personality, education, skills and results should have a coach or teacher of your child? Many parents find that our karate instructors bring safety, care and results to their children. Instructor Murat has spent over 30 years practicing and teaching karate and physical education. He has also earned a MS and BA degree in Management and Sports Science from Springfield College. He has strong relationships with his students and care about them. Murat engages and challenges all students and he looks for opportunities to give them valuable life lessons, which set them up for future success.

Please, contact me to answer your questions and setup the first introductory class. There is no obligation to continue if it’s not good fit.

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What to Expect in Karate Training:

  1. Bow and Warm Up. The entire class will line up in a single file line to bow in prior to class beginning. This as a sign of respect for everything that the dojo means to us as it is our sacred place of training. Then instructor will warm up the class by stretching to ensure everybody’s muscles are warm so nobody gets hurt.


  1. Learning Skills and Drill.

–  New karate students will learn the basic strikes, blocks, kicks and stances used in karate training. This fundamental training also strengthens and prepares the body for the more difficult techniques ahead in one’s training. From the first day of class, values of respect, courtesy, control and discipline are instilled in every new student. We provide training that is interesting and challenging while reinforcing these important values. We acknowledge and respect differences among the children and accordingly design a program that leads to an enjoyable and healthy lifestyle. This makes it particularly helpful for children who struggle with attention and behavior disorders.

– Higher rank students will focus on building character; developing concentration and listening skills, learning respect for others, and improving self-esteem.  Also, these students has to meet karate standards that is adopted by our Karate Club in San Francisco and approved by USA and World Karate Federation. While fighting is a part of the higher rank students, the primary goal of our children’s program is not to teach children how to fight but rather how to respond appropriately when confronted with negative influences such as bullying, peer pressure, and violence. That is a reason why we teach traditional and practical karate where students learn joint locks, throws in addition to punches and kicks. Also, higher rank students has to achieve a certain level of physical fitness and karate performance while demonstrating knowledge of martial arts principles and philosophy.

3.  End of the Class. At the end of each class we relax our body through stretching and bow for the end of practice.

Throughout the semester, you will learn more advanced techniques, and even begin to do partner drills or Kumite (sparring).

At the end of fall/spring semester, students will demonstrate their skills and knowledge through local competition and testing for belts. Parents are welcome to watch their children’s achievements!
Finally, keep in mind that these goals cannot be met overnight and that it requires continued commitment to see great results.





ADULT KARATEKanazawa Seminar 2011 San Francisco

Adult Karate classes are great for everybody! Our students range from young people to retired professionals and everyone is encouraged to proceed at his or her own pace according to their fitness skills and experience levels by our professional and caring staff.

Whether you’re looking to get in shape, reduce your stress, meet new people, or learn real, effective self-defense Karate US in North Beach/San Francisco is right for you. Our Instructors work with the needs of the individual through structured and safe lessons that will help you achieved your goals. Our Adult Karate program will not only push you physically, getting you into the best shape of your life, but we will also bring out a whole new level of mental training.  We practice Shotokan Karate that teaches traditional values incorporated with basic kobudo, aikido, judo techniques. All classes include an element of endurance, speed, coordination and strength training with tactical and technical drills to improve karate and self-defense technique. We begin classes with proper warm-up, karate skills practice, and warm down with stretching and meditation.

Benefits of our adult karate

  • Promotes positive values of character, respect, faithfulness and responsibility.
  • Fulfilling the need to belong in safe environment and with friends who care.
  • Enhances self defense and improves concentration, self-discipline, self-confidence, and managing stress.
  • Improves allover fitness by increasing speed, endurance, strength, power, flexibility, balance and coordination.
  • Competes and travel through out US and worldwide and learn and understand other culture.
  • Discovers internal energy, strengthens immune system and improve healthy lifestyle.
  • Relieves pain, corrects digestive problems and improves emotional and psychological well-being.
  • Helps weight control, and achieves personal fitness goals and needs of students.
















(Only Group Enrollment at School)

Preschool Karate is fun and very creative sport for young children ages 3-5. This program will give your child the lead she/he needs in developing memory and agility skills necessary to be successful in school and other sports.


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(Only Group Enrollment at School)

Having taught adaptive physical education for few years and being a President of Special Olympics Kosovo for 5 years, Master Murat has found a great impact of karate on spiritual, physical, mental, social, and emotional needs of persons with intellectual disabilities. Through karate his athletes improved balance and coordination, strength, breathing techniques, focus and attention, self control, self esteem, helps weight control, emotional well-being, social skills, and strengthens immune system.


The purpose of Special Needs Karate is to provide long-term benefits to an individual’s health, self-esteem and social inclusion.

Special Needs Karate Vision

We provide personal karate trainings and karate competition for all children and adults with intellectual disabilities, giving them opportunities to discover internal power, develop overall fitness, experience joy and participate in a sharing skills and friendship with their families, friends and the community.DSCN0857


Special Needs Karate Mission

To develop healthy spirit, mind and body through karate.

Special Olympics Oath: LET ME BE THE BEST I CAN BE

Special Needs Karate is not an elite sports movement seeking the best athletes with intellectual disabilities. It is, instead, a participatory movement encouraging any athlete who wants to train to do his or her best.



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(Only Group Enrollment at Community Centers)

 For adults and seniors with little or no experience

Tai Chi -Karate Style is ancient Chinese martial arts designed for self-defense and health benefits. Self-defense and the health benefits cannot be separated out, because the chi movement as a defense with concentration on breathing and inner stillness is intended to balance the flow of chi energy in mind as well as body.


Tai chi class is practical application of soft and slow martial arts techniques with great impact on increasing balance, reducing stress and blood pressure, increased bone density, increased strength and range of motion of joints, greater leg strength, knee strength, minimizing the effects of diabetes and increasing the potential for preventing strokes and extending life.


Class begins with a gentle warm-up and breathing exercises or a meditation to quiet the mind.The core training involves mostly a slow and soft sequence of karate movements with practical application which emphasize a straight spine, and a natural range of motion with abdominal breathing. Some techniques can be practiced as fast-slow, soft-hard, small-large circle, low–high stance. The practiced movements are in choreographed patterns so-called kata. Each kata has from 20-50 movements and last from 2-6 minutes. Classes end with cooling down exercises, yoga and meditation. At the end of class, you should feel relaxed

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If you are bored of your usual aerobics, then this non-stop and non-contact intense class with music is surely you are going to like. Professional instructor designed a class to teach proper and practical variety of karate – boxing techniques and combinations. No karate or boxing background is needed. This is an excellent high intense cardio that ends with relaxation and meditation.It helps to shape up your total body, improve your health, self-confidence, and enhance self defense. You will burn so much calories, and kick your butt in a fun and exciting cardio workout. You will get stronger, leaner and more toned body.