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sc000079fbInstructor Murat offers comprehensive fitness assessments; personalized karate, fitness and diet program that meet your specific needs (Self Defense, Weight loss/Gain, Competition). Every training is practical and functional with high quality mix of the best of exercise disciplines, including core, flexibility, strength, agility, speed, power, balance, injury preventive, and corrective exercise, while at the same time both challenging and fun. Murat produces results, because he knows and he cares for his clients.

Instructor Murat has over 10 years of personal training and fitness management experience in Health and Fitness Clubs. He worked in executive and management positions at 24 Hour Fitness, Bally Total Fitness, YMCA, United Nations and delivered exceptional customer service and community relations. As a professional athlete, he has committed his life to improving the lifestyle of others through fitness and sports. Murat obtained a Master’s Degree and Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Science and Management. He also completed National Academy of Sports Medicine courses for Corrective Exercise Specialist and Personal Training Program.


Physical fitness is not only one of the keys to a healthy body. It is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. The relationship between the soundness of the body and the activities of the mind is subtle and complex. Much is not yet understood. But we do know what the Greeks knew: That intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong; that hardy spirits and tough minds usually inhabit sound bodies.” —John F. Kennedyfitkick

The most effective way to build athlete’s spirit, mind and body is to train correctly. To be safe, effective and productive, trainers must be competent at designing and implementing programs for athlete’s unique health and sports goals. The program is designed based on athlete’s health profile and capabilities that addresses aspects of strength, flexibility, power, endurance and speed required for success in the sport and personal life. This requires the proper use of equipments, exercises, repetitions, sets, intensity, rest interval and duration (periodization).



Structure of Workout

Designing and conducting a functional workout is like composing a music that flow well and when is played it should meet listeners’ expectations. 90% of workout is what client want and 10% what they need. If clients are professional athletes, workouts are designed to improve their strength and meet team or sports requirements. Generally, workout should include the following components:

1. Functional Warm-up 3-10 min. The functional warm-up is a physiological and psychological preparation for the training tasks to come. It consists of an exercise that improves athlete’s health and fitness goal or movements that will be utilized in the training session. Functional warm-up is a set series of poses done in a flowing dynamic style and builds strength, flexibility and stamina. This is total-body conditioning that engages every muscle from the big gluteus to the smallest stabilizing muscles throughout your core.

2. Main Part. The goals of the workouts are fulfilled during the main part. Following an adequate warm-up, an athlete or client learns skills and tactical maneuvers, develops biomotor abilities, and enhances psychological qualities. Lesson content for less advanced athletes should follow this succession:Personal Training

a) First the athlete should exert movement to learn and perfect technical or tactical elements. (Optional – through functional warm up)

b) Next, the athlete should develop Speed/Coordination/Power through compound and functional exercise with sprints, step ups, clean, snatch, jumps, dumbbell squat-press, mountain climber exercise. Athletes can perform speed and power exercise only after successful completion of stabilization and strength training level.

c) Then, develop Strength through hill and pace running, multiple and single joint exercises.

d) Finally, develop endurance and core strength through long steady run, bridge, plank, crunch prone iso-ab, cable rotation, pullover – sit ups, deadlift, lunges.

Include technical and tactical elements first in the main part of the training lesson because learning is more effective when the nerve cell is still rested. For the composition or sequence of learning or perfecting technical and tactical elements, athlete should consolidate elements or skills acquired in previous lessons, perfect technical elements or skills of utmost importance for the sport, and apply skills in competition-like conditions.

3. Cool down and flexibility 2-5 min. A cool-down following a training session is equally as important as a warm-up. Some benefits of low-intensity cardiorespiratory training are that it: helps avoid dizziness and fainting; Gradually decreases heart rate; Assists with the removal of waste products.

To learn more about our professional Personal Training or to arrange a consultation, please contact Instructor Murat at 415 967 8088. Personal Training sessions are recommended for individuals (of all levels of fitness) and emphasis on specific long-term goals and/or motivation. The session includes one-hour training sessions to:












FITNESS MANAGEMENT SERVICES FOR CLUBS Get the practical platform skills and confidence you need to succeed

Get the practical platform skills and confidence you need to succeedMurat’s strength is to assess a complex problem within organization/club and find a simple solution. He is results-oriented and has practical skills required to successfully build teamwork and market fitness programs and products. His focus is towards helping clients achieve success in a highly competitive business exclusively for martial arts and fitness industry. Murat welcome the opportunity to meet with current and potential club operators and investors to discuss how he may be of service to them.

We can provide:
• MB Standards for preparing fitness leaders and instructors
• Motivating Staff During Difficult Times
• Fitness Sales Based on Companies Mission
• Effective Coaching Program
• Functional Conditioning for athletes
• Strategic Planning and Organizational Change
• Operational evaluations, survey and analysis

And, much more,….

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